Zero Percentile 2.0 - Quesion & Answers

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Q: First and foremost, why ZP 2.0?

Ans: After all the love that ZP1 got and since the characters in the first book became so much a part of people’s life, I had no escape. I was compelled to write a sequel.

Q: And why a book on IT industry?

Ans: IT is such a huge part of India’s global success story,and since, not much has been written about life inside a software company, I thought it was my chance to write a story which was both interesting and gave people a realistic insight. I had the benefit of working in a software company called Nagarro Software where I learnt so many things first hand. All this gave me the confidence that I could spin a good yarn. Mind you, this is all fiction though.

Q: Which characters of ZP1 have you retained in ZP 2.0?

Ans: Hundreds of fans asked me whether I married Priya. So, it was but natural to take that lovely lady to ZP 2.0. And, it would have been great injustice to her had her two best friends, Pankaj and Motu, not been there in the book. Nitin, the HIV-afflicted friend of Pankaj is also an important part of the book. There are many new characters too. All of them together make ZP 2.0 a pacy thriller which also has strong undercurrents of love, friendship, fun and betrayal.


Q: Any ideas for the next book?

Ans: Yes, I am currently toying with a few. But it is far too premature to start focusing on them. The most important thing to do right now is to let ZP 2.0 reach the masses?


Q: Why 50,000 copies in the first print run? This is a huge number going by the standard of the Indian publishing industry?

Ans: The main reason behind this is that the book has to reach each and every corner of the country. The second is the huge success of ZP1 which has done extremely well for a first novel. So, I believe that if I could do it when nobody knew me, I can definitely do it better this year. The idea is to cross the 100,000 copies’ mark in the first year itself.


Q: How have been the reviews so far?

Ans: Very positive indeed. One of my fans in his preview compared the book to the Da Vinci Code, not because of the storyline but because of the pace and the thrill he got out of the book.


Q: In the end, who should read this book?

Ans: Everyone . Since, all of us now work on computers for the simplest of things and since many of us have a friend or a relative either working in the IT industry or aspiring to be there, I believe this book is for everyone. And don’t think it is another one of those boring books on the IT industry. It has all the elements of a drama which leads to a pulsating climax.