Zero Percentile

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Who has been the inspiration behind the characters in Zero Percentile?

I always wanted to write a book for the millions of science students in India who had that ambition of getting into IIT but due to various factors could not (and not having the capability to get there, not one of them). So, the novelty of the idea of writing something unique – a mix of trying to look beyond the IITs and the life of an Indian student in Russia, gave me the impetus to write. Pankaj, the protagonist has a bit of what I am and what I wanted to be.

Priya is a figment of my imagination – but, again a woman I would have loved to create had I been allowed to be God for a day. And, all the other characters bear some traces of the people around me with some of them inspired from characteristics of multiple people. Creating characters is like making food. You put in different ingredients and spices to make one dish. That is how I created my characters, deriving inspiration from some real life characters and then delving into my imagination to fill in the missing pieces.


Zero Percentile 2.0

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Life is fun till it is simple…And, the ambition of  being the biggest software company in the world can never be simple. The lines of destiny tell the story of a torn-between-two –friends Priya; a struggling with HIV Nitin and  his struggle not to fall in love; a doting father and technologist Arjun; Diyaa, Arjun’s brilliant daughter with special needs; San his lover for the Babe- the most ambitious software product in the country –and Jaanvee; and the two best friends of Motu and Pankaj.