Zero Percentile 2.0 - Synopsis

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Life is fun till is simple…And, the ambition of being the biggest software company in the world can never be simple. The lines of destiny tell the story of a torn-between-two –friends Priya; a struggling with HIV Nitin and his struggle not to fall in love; a doting father and technologist Arjun; Diyaa, Arjun’s brilliant daughter with special needs; San his lover for the Babe- the most ambitious software product in the country –and Jaanvee; and the two best friends of Motu and Pankaj.

Pankaj and Motu starts a small software company called NumeroSoft. Surrounded by friends Nitin, Priya and Arjun they never though work was going to be difficult. Fortunes changed when a chance break took them to America- the land of golden opportunities. An overpowering desire to conquer the world, coupled with the hunger of doing it at any cost make life hell.

Ideologies clash and ultimately the twain of friendship breaks. A story of greed, love, friendship, conspiracy an attempt to murder and a hostile takeover bid which ends in a pulsating climax after seven days of bitter fight for control