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I read Zero Percentile at the same time as I was reading Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger. While The White Tiger leaves behind some powerful ideas, I found Zero Percentile more enjoyable to read. Every few minutes I found myself smiling at Neeraj Chhibba’s chuckling story-telling. It was unusually good!

- Manas Fuloria


A scintillating story of young people through the mosaic of life – A must read for everyone who made it or did not make it to the IIT. Does not look like the first work of an Author. Has all ingredients to become the bestseller of 2010

- Sandeep Mehta


Finished reading your book some time back, pleasantly surprised a nice first timer really. A heady cocktail of facts and fiction. The book has a potential to develop into a bollywood (Karan Johar style) script.
Feel you could have taken this story further or was that intentional leaving the scope for a sequel.
Wish you well for your future venture ( hope it is in the pipe-line already).

-Madhu and Gurdeep


I read this book in one day. That’s how captivating the story was for me. I felt completely connected with the characters author so brilliantly portrayed.
The book weaves the story on multiple levels; the childhood of a boy, the relationship with friends, self redemption etc…just to name a few.
Zero Percentile is an impressive novel. This is a book which leaves a lasting impression.

- Kshitize Gupta


It was wonderful reading the book ‘Zero Percentile’ – reading a new author, to be able to go through a book without any preconceived ideas and expectations. I loved the process of reading it. ‘Zero Percentile’ can be compared to many contemporary classics, but I feel it is as unique as any other good book. It has got a character of its own and I personally feel it should be kept at that.

As far as the story is concerned, I found it quite compelling and spontaneous. It sounds quite autobiographical and if it is, I am sure you have had an interesting life so far! There are a lot of emotions of Pankaj which are so typical Indian and I loved the honesty with which you have narrated them. I loved Some of the sharp observations by this young Indian boy – one of my favorites being “We Indians are so focused on education from the day we are born, become so trained at controlling our savage side that it does not break out of its harness even when we wish it to, leading to us ending on the losing side so very often”. So true!

Reality or fiction – I feel Russia is a great place to base the story in. (After seeing the movie Dasvidaniya, I wish ‘Zero Percentile’ could also be made into a movie - am sure it will be a nice watch!) It’s relatively unexplored and interesting all the same. I would personally divide the book in 2 parts – Life of Pankaj before Russia and after Russia. The continuity between the 2 parts is spontaneous.

Overall, a wonderful book to curl up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Congratulations!

- Subha Dash


First and foremost, a HUGE well done for producing this amazing book.
The dedication, spirit and enthusiasm with which you have approached this whole process is awe inspiring and inspirational.
You have truly demonstrated the fact that WE all have at least one good book inside us. Inside YOU however are hidden many touching, funny and memorable stories.
May this be the start of a long and fruitful journey Neeraj.
One day I will come to you with my story and you will have the first read !!



I was one of the first few people to read the book, The book makes an interesting reading…….. Though at times I felt that the story was being dragged through minute details in the beginning, I could not stop reading it……. I especially liked the character of Sveta – her maturity, pragmatism and easy-going attitude…….
I am sure every person who reads it will be able to relate himself with one of its characters……..
And at many times, to situations the different characters are in……… The book offers something for everyone……..
Wishing you all the success……..

- Kiran


Got the book from Rajneesh at Delhi, on the way to the airport…. Frankly… didn’t feel it would be much... especially after I realized that Rajeesh had not read the book himself !!!
BUT.. was I wrong about it… I started reading the book as the flight to Mumbai was delayed by an hour.. and continued to read it at 2 am that night….at home in Mumbai…
and finished it on the Mumbai local train this morning at 1030 am !
Its gripping.. fast paced.. You have talent. It will go places…
I felt the same way I felt when I first heard the song..’Pehla Nasha’ from ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’…. This is a winner !

- Venugopal


Your book stole my imagination (maybe the first time ever). I have travelled a bit inside Russia and have been an ardent student of the country.Your book brings out some stark realties of the Indian students there. I have met a few Indian students at Russia and at times the heart cries when you see some brightest sparks go dry when they encounter unfamiliar waters. The plight of the parents was highlighted amply by you and that was the silver lining of your book but the best part was the true depiction of the tough Russian girls who know very well how to steer their lives in their uncertain world. Great reading.

- Arun Jyoti

Words are empty. They do not have any meaning...... But to me... World is empty without Words... N words r all we have..... Bought ZERO PERCENTILE just to pass my time in my journey from Jaipur to Gurgaon.... Got so indulged that when Gurgaon crossed, didn't notice.... Reached Dhaula kuan.... Paid 380 buks to Quick Cab... So Mr. Neeraj Chhiba, u owe me these 380 buks.... Just wonderful writing which I can closely relate to my self... U JUST GOT A VERY BIG FAN........

- A Fan